Chapter 8

With a slightly embarrassed face, I was worried that she might find my action insulting. After all, I did learn that people with high status always see things in a different way.

“Laughing at others is not a good attitude at all. It was rude of you Miss”

Her eyes show a bit of annoyance. Oh no, she really did think of it that way… it would be bad…

“I don't mean it that way… I was just… surprised to see another person here... And… I smiled because I find you adorable… sorry if it leads to a misunderstanding…”

With her acting embarrassed, so do I… I can understand why she was worried like that. After all, no one would want anyone to see them do things as that… specially if you are a rich person. Although that case is different if you are close with that person.

“You find it cute?”

She asked as if I said things that as out of the world. Slightly nodding my head, I hear her laughter forming. Wow… that was cute too. She looks like a living doll if I may say

“Aren't you interesting?”
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