When I arrived at the doorstep of the Aster pack, the last eight I expected to see was Matthan. But there he was dealing absolute damage to the guards who just wanted to do their job.

"Oh my, I'll get the security at the gate," Orla stated, immediately turning but I stopped her.

"Don't worry about it. I know him."

She paused, looking back at Matthan who was having the greatest time of his life punching anyone that stood in his way. "Are you sure about that Eloise?"

"Affirmative. I know him personally. I also know why he is here." That said, I walked up to Matthan. There was still some good distance between us but Matt had become so engrossed in the fight that he barely noticed me. So I did more than stand there. "Matthan?"

My hands tightened when he turned to face me. His eyes were dark with a look that could only be described as hate and anger. He looked ready to murder everyone around him. At least, until those broody eyes landed on me. I watched whatever anger and rage tuc
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