Chapter Eighteen


The late afternoon sun filtered down, making the leftover snow sparkle and shimmer. The trees were tipped with white and the gate guard’s breath frosted the air. Jackson barely felt the cold; not that he didn’t usually feel warm, it was just with the taste of Chloe still on his lips, he didn’t even need a coat.

He had slept a beautiful, dreamless sleep for the rest of the morning. When he had woken up, Quent was gone, but Chloe was sitting at the small table working on her laptop with three books open beside her. She hadn't heard him as he slid out of bed and behind her, feeling her jump when he put his hands on her shoulders.

"Researching your brother's condition?" he asked. She laughed.

"No. Homework." She grinned up at him and his heart soared. Even in the horrible motel lighting, her hair shone and her eyes sparkled. He was still afraid he was going to hurt her, but it was impossible to feel anything but happiness when he was this close to her. He would worry about the wol
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