As the nurse finished helping her get dressed, Damian entered the room.

" Ready?" He asked.

"Yes" she replied, she has spent approximately seven months in the hospital and she was getting discharged today. Another nurse wheeled a wheelchair inside and helped her to sit on it.

" Where are we going?" She asked.

" Do you have anywhere you want to go?"he asked her and she nodded in the negative.

" Good, then we are going to my house,"he added.

As the car passed through the road, a look of confusion was written on her face.

" How did the city change in six months?" She asked Damian who had a disbelieved look on his face.

"What are you talking about, did you by chance lose your memory?" Damian asked.

"Am serious sir,the city looks different like we aren't in New york" she replied.

" New york?" He asked in a shocked tone

" Yes".

" Did you fall from that cliff in New york?" He asked and nodded.

He sighed heavily, " we are in California" he finally said and she nodded.

"So Kathleen and her daughters had everything planned out" she thought deep within herself.

The drive home was not a long one but because she was tired,she slept off after a while.

" I will call the workers to come help her sir" the chauffeur said and made her walk off.

" Don't worry, I will take her inside" he said and carried her princess style inside the house. The maids were all surprised as they saw their boss coming inside the house with a girl, it was a first.

Ignoring all of them, he climbed the stairs and took her to her room, he quietly placed her on the bed.

" No one is to disturb her," he said to the maid standing by the door.

" Yes sir" she nodded.

" Stay here until she wakes up" he ordered and walked out.

It was past six In the evening when Amy woke up, there was no one in the room and she was feeling a headache. She tried to stand up and get some water then it dawned on her, she could not move, tears welled up in her eyes.

" I will not spare you Kathleen Wilson, you just wait and watch" she muttered under her breath in tears, just then the door opened and the maid entered.

" Do you need something madam?" she asked politely.

" I just need some medicine, I have a bad headache," she replied.

"It's time for your medicine" Damian's voice echoed from the hallway and he appeared inside the room, he wore a pair of shorts and a shirt and she was once again mesmerized by his pretty face.

" You may leave," he told the helper.

"Okay sir" she replied and walked away briskly. He walked over to the bed and handed her the drugs.

" Thank you" she said after taking it.

" You are welcome" he sat beside her.

" I have known you for like a month now and I do not know your name".

" You can call me boss like everyone else, after all I am your boss right, you should think of ways of paying me back the money I used on you, I think you should call your family".

She shot him a quick gaze," I do not have a family" she said after a while.

" So how do you plan on paying me back?"he asked, massaging his forehead lazily.

" Will I be able to walk again?" She asked sadly.

" You can if you agree to meet a physiotherapist but it could take a long time," he replied.

" I will do it, no matter how long it takes," she replied eagerly.

" Why are you so eager about it?, And I have known you for a while now and I don't know anything about you, what's your name, you should tell me everything about you, I am really a busy person and I have a lot of work pending by spending time with you, so you should" he said as a matter of fact.

" I do not have a family, I was just taking a walk around the cliff and tripped" she lied.

" A walk around the cliff?" He asked, " and why was there a knife wound on your stomach?".

" It could be a tree branch, well Mr boss, please you have to help me get physiotherapy, I will pay you back once back on my feet please" she begged as tears began to stream down her eyes. Damian was a bit surprised, why she lied and why she was crying now, he made a mental note to ask her again.

" Very well then, make sure you pay back double, I already contacted a therapist, you can start anytime you want" he replied and stood up to go.

" I can start immediately, in fact I will start now".

" Relax girl, you will start next week, dinner will be brought to your room, you won't be seeing me again till tomorrow, I have lots of work" he said as he walked out of the room.

Seated in his study In deep thoughts his phone rang, it was Rubby

" Yes, tell me," Damian said.

" Boss, she is Amy Wilson and a socialite, I am afraid that's the only information we got about her" came Rubby's voice from the other end.

" Amy Wilson" Damian muttered under his breath, " just keep me updated on anything you find out" saying that he disconnected the call.

" What is she not telling me?" He muttered under his breath.

Amy found herself in the white place again but this time it had more flowers and she could see her mum clearly now.

" Mum" she called as she smiled.

" Your best days are coming my dear, take the world in a storm" her mother said as she kissed her forehead slowly.

" I do not understand you mum".

" Just go with the flow dear" she said and vanished. She opened her eyes and found out she was still on the bed in the big boss's house, a tear made its way out of her eyes.

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