Released: Teresa Martins pregnant, who could be the father?" The public and netizens woke up to this juicy news circulating around the internet and they began to quickly drop their comments and discussions, everyone was a bit surprised because the official website of their Damian has not said anything yet and this news was already released.

" Oh my gosh, the power couple is pregnant".

" But the big boss has not said anything about this, how legit is it?.

" Do you think she is cheating on our idol?"

" Who released this piece of fake news?

" I thought the Martins and Wilson's were at loggerhead with each other so they actually have time to make babies?".

The comments online attracted both negative and positive comments and Jennie felt satisfied seeing the outcome of this piece of news. When she received the message from Ailda, she was also as surprised as her and decided to make sure it was legit so she is not humiliated again. So she went to the hospital to check, and being a socialite
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