Chapter Fourteen

“Good morning, Abigail,” he said before realizing I was there. He stopped and stared at me. “Hannah.”

He looked so handsome. He had shaved and his dark hair was smoothed back rather than his usual messy. He wore dark blue scrubs that brought out the color of his eyes. The way he looked at me made my stomach do flip flops. I remembered his taste and the way his skin felt pressed against mine.

“Dr. Mathews,” I stammered, very aware that Abigail was watching our every move. The last thing I wanted was for her to think there was anything going on. “I was just leaving. All Abigail's vitals look good.”

“Good.” His eyes met mine and my stomach did the flip-flop thing again.

“Excuse me.” I darted out of the exam room as fast as I could. I didn't mean to, but I brushed up against him in the process and the touch sent shivers of want straight through me again. I needed to get a hold of myself.

I closed the door behind me, hearing Dr. Mathews start talking to Abigail through the wooden door.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Tonya Gay
I love this book ,I just don't like how the town bridge club determines who will marry who
goodnovel comment avatar
Yonga Yongs
Your town people they got false news about other people's lives. They just look and thought you might be great couple

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