Morning sunlight struck her eyelids, drawing sleep back to the suppressed piece of her brain and effectively awakening her. Slowly, blue orbs were exposed to the dimly lit hotel room, and as they adjusted to the light pouring into them, as well as to the feeling of being cast from the dark recesses of her once sleep-stricken mind, objects in the room began to show up through the faintly blinding sunlight.

A dresser was cast across the room sat beside a door she could only faintly remember belonging to a bathroom used to it's full capacity the night before. Set across from the doorway to the bathroom sat a balcony.

The curtains connected to the balcony, shielding the sunlight only slightly, blew faintly through the minuscule crack between the glass door and the wall keeping it in place. Like a silk blanket, the warm smell of cinnamon, sex - or rather passion and love mingled together in one wonderful scent - and what almost seemed like...A brief and tired smile struck her lips as she r
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