I Remember..

Her body throbbed in pain but she didn't really mind to much for Kris and Sky would be apart of her forever now. The leafs helped heal the tattoos nicely like the older woman promised. While Lex feed on the man who shot her the twins started a small fire to cook the fish Sky hunted earlier.


Lex was sitting at the edge of the water as Kris plopped down next to her with a roll of bandages on her finger. The younger girl laughed looking at the roll "Do you always walk around with a roll of bandages in your pocket?" The curly hair girl looked down at her finger then smirked "No, only when it involves you." Lex pinned the woman down with her eyes as the tall redhead chuckled "You're a cultz Lexie, you hurt yourself a lot..." Kris looked down voice becoming soft "I got worried, so I brought it so I could nurse you back to health."

The women loved when the cocky redhead would put her walls down "Awe Kris...You are so sweet to me..." Lex kissed Kris's cheek, the redhead smiled as the tall
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