"Calix!" Aiden's eyes widened as he stared at his friend in shock. Never in his wildest dream did he expect to see Calix in the dungeons, dressed in his gamma attire and staring at him with glassy eyes.

Meanwhile, Calix could not get his eyes off his friend and he could feel hot tears stinging his eyes. Aiden didn't look himself. In fact, it felt like he was looking at a different person entirely and Calix could only imagine how badly Aiden had been treated.

Seeing Aiden now, all the pent-up anger he had towards the man disappeared and nothing but fury consumed him, fury at those who did this.

There was a nasty bruise on Aiden's forehead like it had been smashed with heavy metal. There was also a deep cut on his already swollen lips and smeared blood had clotted by the side of his face.

His nose had several cuts too, coupled with the scars and bruises on his bare skin. It was obvious his friend had undergone so much torture and the mere sight of him brought tears to Calix's eyes

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