Where are you, Aiden?

"You rejected him." Jamal blurted out, his dark eyes staring her down: from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet. He had this disdainful look on his face and Adelia didn't like it one bit.

"I didn't want to." She spoke through gritted teeth, the muscle in her jaw ticking. Was everyone out to get her in this pack? Why were they treating her as though she was a stranger?

Sure, she had not been very close to them at any time but she had shared some conversations with them and had respected them as Aiden's friends. They had always been cool so what was this attitude now?

"I didn't want to reject him." She repeated.

"Sure, you didn't." Calix scoffed, his brown eyes glazing up with anger, but Adelia was sure her hazel ones held as much anger in them too.

"Look! I never wanted to reject Aiden. I was forced to. My father threatened to kill Aiden if I didn't. I had to do it to save Aiden but it is obvious I only wasted my time. They deceived me. They wanted to kill Aiden nevertheless.
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