"Kunata!" Davina was scolding him but Kunata didn't stop. Instead, he stomped his foot angrily on the ground, the dried leaves on the ground making a squishy sound.

"I'm tired of watching her act so sweet around him." He yelled at Davina. Then he turned to the alpha who was glaring at him with fire in her eyes. She looked so angry like she wanted to pounce on him, but Kunata looked unfazed. Instead, he folded his arms.

"What is it you are not telling us, Alpha? What is it with this man? Why did you bring him to our pack?"

"Kunata!" Davina was tugging at his arm, fear on her face but Kunata would not even look at her.

"Why did you bring him along, alpha?" He asked instead.

"Because he was homeless. What were you expecting me to do? Leave him alone?" Alpha Velvet's voice was rough and edgy and the veins in her neck were popping out.

"And how did you know he was homeless? Did he whisper it into your ears?"

"Shut your mouth, Kunata! I won't have you spill nonsense just because you are my
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