Bringing the Past up

It was quiet around there but the sky was black with no moon or stars. But neither of them was bothered because they could see clearly even at night due to their wolves' sight.

An owl was hooting from a distance and for some reason, that made the environment more serene and comfortable.

Alpha Velvet was quiet even after Aiden's question and Aiden wondered if he should repeat his question. He had not hesitated to tell her about himself but here she was, hesitating to tell him hers. Didn't she just say she trusted him?

"Davina told me the room I stay in belongs to your brother. Where is he?" He decided to take another route in asking his question.

"You don't give up, do you?" The alpha sighed heavily, her shoulders drooped.

"I guess not." Aiden softly replied and she sighed again, raising her chin to look at the black sky.

"His name is Nicholas, right?"

"How do you know that?" She looked shocked.

"I overheard the couple talking about it." He replied and she sighed again, returning her
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