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*Blood Moon pack*

Jamal and Andrew exchanged another confused look again, just as they had been doing since they arrived at the calm lake which had suddenly become their favourite spot in the pack.

The lake was always serene and was quite peaceful in the morning because most werewolves were busy going about their daily activity.

The three friends should be too, but all gammas and warriors had taken the day off to rest after training rigorously even when there was no war to fight.

Alpha Lundamous had made it a custom for warriors to train rigorously almost every day because according to him, they ought to be battle ready at all times to not be taken unawares by the enemy.

It was a good decision, but sometimes, it was too tiring and overwhelming and that was why the break was needed from time to time.

Jamal and Andrew had felt they would be spending the day with their families but Calix had mind-linked them early that morning and had asked to meet by the lake to discuss an importan
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