Chapter 13_ Bitter Side Of Him

His deep brown eyes were still tightly closed, and his hands remained sideways as he slept peacefully. Even in his dream, for the first time, Alexander could confess he never had such peaceful sleep before. Just suddenly he began shaking. His hands began making strange movements while his eyes shut tighter than normal. From there his head moved left and right and he began mumbling some words that were uncertain to the person sitted right beside him.

" What is he saying? Mr. Alex, are you alright?" Her voice sounded with a look of worry all over her face, when he didn't stop mumbling to himself, she held his hands and tried to calm him down by leaning closer to him and placing her hands on his forehead.

" Mr. Alex, you're okay. Nothing's gonna happen. You're safe" When she had said this, she used the duvet to cover him properly after checking his wounds. Alex immediately forced his eyes open while still breathing hard and when he saw her hands close to his body, he immediately held the
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