Samantha stared at the ceiling deep in thoughts. She was still in bed and Dominic had already left for work very early in the morning just so he could avoid Monse so it was just her and her mind working at its fastest. She was still trying to figure out a way to stop the wedding on her own because she couldn't bear the thought of being away from him for months.

While Dominic was sleeping at night, she couldn't. She knew the last resort he had was to marry Monse and then divorce her aftet a while but it had a really low chance of actually working out. He couldn't force Monse to sign the papers or make her walk away after a few months of being together. What if Joe killed her off before then? Or Monse manipulated him with those magic portions or whatever and then he forgot her? She couldn't let that happen to them. She needed Dominic just as much as he needed her.

So she got an idea, at night but she didn't tell Dominic because she knew he wouldn't let her do it since her life would be
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