29: The Chaos Sequence

In the outside world, the hallway of the infamous Dominion Riot Center was bustling with a never ending crowd of hunters, and fighters. Buzzing with lengthy queues of lively and worn-out combatants waiting for their turns for the uncountable private and public battle simulator chambers.

The hall of this place never lacks the crowd. One single place to test and train most of their skill set. Whether it's newbie or trained professional, this place has something to offer to all of them.

All these people had come from various places. All kinds of fighters and hunters gathered up in different origins and backgrounds; yet most of them were getting along well with each other.

Several hunters and fighters had grouped up as they casually chatted about various topic. Today, however, if one were to eavesdrop on their conversation, for some reason they all were having a chat around the common topic.

"Dude! This is ridiculous… "

"Have you seen the online forums… all of them are going crazy over
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