“He is active again! He is out there roaming our inter-realm link, or as the mortals call it, the Independent States.”

“But of course he can only manifest his physical form inside the barrier, the celestial walls allow him to do so, outside the inter-realm link he cannot manifest. Therefore his power remains limited to his followers inside the walls.”

“Yes of course, with the reduction of his followers his power has substantially reduced, therefore he does not have the power of creation now, so he is no threat. Let us allow him to continue roaming the inter-link realm, it is the least we can do to entertain a traitor like him.”

The rest of the beings nodded in agreement. A regular meeting had been arranged. The greater council of heaven was called upon to discuss issues largely affecting the events of one of the realms. Heaven realm was where celestial beings lived. There existed five realms in total; Heaven realm, Hell realm, Spiritual Realm, Null realm, and Earth realm.

All the other realms existed independently. Earth realm was the only realm created by the Elder Brother Gods. Each of the realms had its own natural rules to maintain order. For example in the earth realm, the rules of evolution, time, magical, physical, and scientific rules were put in place by one of the gods in the Heaven realm to help it maintain order. The rest of the realms had their own set of rules beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

Heaven Realm and Hell realm were alike, in terms of their nature. The laws of space and time did not apply there. The existence and creation of beings depended on other beings to be aware of a being’s existence and the level of power also depended on the same concept. It meant that the lesser the beings knew of one’s existence, the weaker it became and the higher the chances of it dying. An easier way to phrase this is to compare it to a human mind. The mind is the realm, and the celestial beings are the thoughts people come up with inside their minds. Thoughts are created every single time by the mind, much like the gods are created numerously by the realms, when someone decides to pass the thought to another person or document it and other people become aware of the existence of the thought then its life expectancy depends on how long people will be aware of the thought's existence. In the same way, thousands of gods are created every moment inside the realms, the second other beings become aware of the existence of one of them they become stronger and continue to live, but if nobody knows they exist they die out just as quickly as they were created.

The spiritual realm and the Null realm were also similar. A better way to understand these two realms was to relate them with a canvas, a painting canvas. The spiritual realm was a blank white canvas and the null realm was a black canvas. In the spiritual realm, any being can manifest itself and sustain its existence by itself, think of it as a physical form of imagination. It was limitless, any being could create anything by thought and it would come to fruition, that is why it was referred to as a white canvas. Inside the realm, a being could be as powerful as its own imagination would let it.

The null realm on the other hand was much like the spirit realm, but the difference is its nature could be manipulated by outside forces. It acted as a prison for the celestial beings. In the white canvas, a being had to be inside it in order to manipulate it, but in the black canvas, one had to be outside it in order to manipulate it, meaning once a being was inside this realm it was rendered powerless. The black canvas was however not made of matter, it was made of forces, all the existing forces that governed the realms, even some were yet to be discovered. It was believed that the black canvas was where Tomasa had been imprisoned by his fellow Brother Gods.

 “The Elder god has not come to the meeting again?” one of the gods asked.

“No, not yet. He has not availed himself yet again.”

“We shall no longer wait for him. We shall move on to the issues that were to be discussed. We welcome to the greater council a new member. Please step forward so that we may acknowledge you.”

The being stepped forward. Nobody knew where he came from. He just manifested and his power began to grow exponentially. His power levels spiked in the last five years. He walked up to the center of the circle and began to talk.

“Fellow brethren, my name is the Great Link! I do not wish to tell you my origin, nor will I tell you my power level. But I will tell you my goal. I am here solely to vie for the seat of the Elder Brother God!”

Spiteful glares were thrown towards him.

“So it is you who the humans pray for, and you grant them the power of creation! Insolence, even the strongest of us gods know the power of creation is a sacred power! Only meant for the Elder Brother Gods!”

“Yes I understand, that is why I am here to vie for the seat. I know there are two vacancies of the seats following the imprisonment of Tomasa and the banishment of Arni. Since then there were no gods able to have the power of creation, except Arekin himself. That is until I showed up. I have the power of creation, therefore I am worthy to vie for one of the seats!”

“We cannot accept to be ruled by an arrogant toddler! Just because you gained a new following and have increased your power, it does not mean that you can come in here and demand a seat!”

“thankfully the decision does not lie in your hands. I, therefore, urge the council to vote. To choose if I am worthy to have an assemblage with Arekin himself. If he deems me worthy I shall inherit one of the seats.”

“If not…”

“If not, then I shall challenge him to prove myself worthy of the seat!”

“Imbecile! You were just born yesterday, you do not know of the god you are speaking of. Even all of us here do not address him as lightly as you do. We know his true power, no matter how powerful we get, we all still fear him. Yet you speak his name as if he was a mere infant.”

“I have the utmost respect for him. That is why I know he will listen to me. So what shall it be?”

The greater council took their time, trying their best to pity the arrogance of the so-called infant. In truth, he was the youngest of the gods in the council, yet on his very first time attending the meeting, he dared to challenge for the seat that none of the other gods even dared to speak of. The votes were cast and surprisingly the votes were in favor of him meeting with Arekin. They were curious as to how the story would end. The Great Link was gratified.

The real reason his power levels spiked was because of the invasion. It seemed like one of the main purposes of the Invasion of the Independent States by the Heads was to make more people aware of the god’s existence. Soon after the invasion, word spread around the kingdom of the group that planned the attack, and how they worshiped some god called the great link who could grant them the power of creation. The more people talked about it, the more people became aware of his existence, and his power rapidly increased.


“I see you have already healed up. Though I would recommend shaving your beard. It makes you look like a brute you know.”

“I thought I made it pretty clear, the next time I see you around here I would kill you.”

“… listen, I did not come here to start a fight, I want to talk to you.”

“Really, did you finally tell Alvatrone I am alive, or have you come to threaten my life again?”

“No! I came here by myself. I told you I would not do it. They no longer control me.”

“… you told me yourself that once you entered into a pact with them, there was no way out. And now you come here and try to convince me, you want to put a slave emblem on me as you did my brother? I won't…”

“I'm sorry about that okay, I know what we did that night is unforgivable but…”

“If you know it's unforgivable then why do you expect me to forgive you. You captured my brother, turned him into a mindless killer, stripped him of his free will. Till now he is under your control. I just heard the other day that he killed innocent villagers, on whose orders?”

“… you have to understand. I tried breaking the slave emblem, they nearly caught me. But I'm telling you now Drom, as the head of the flower garden, I swear to you I will do everything in my power to help Daito break free of that curse. And once he does I will leave the Heads with him and I will never return!”

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