“Of course I do. Do you think I havent considered the outcome! I am well prepared for what is to come if it fails. But now Im not so sure if you are.”

“The chances of failure far outweigh the chances of success, and even if we succeed the victory will be bitter sweet, you know that. You know one of us is going to end up really hurt, or worse.”

Lora walked closer to him and rested her hand on his shoulder. He was still watching the fold of slaves working their lives away.

“This is my plan Jrue, if it fails I'm ready to face the consequences on my own. Trust me on this.”

“What about the other prisoners?”

“Leave them to me. I will find a way to convince them. All you need to worry about is setting up the stage, do things right on your side and I’ll do things right on mine and I promise there's nothing that will go wrong, promise!”

“Okay. On the next moon, Ladzgery Tyndale will not be able to use his soul magic. That is the day we begin the coup d'etat.”

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