The crowd fell silent. They had no knowledge of the man’s origin, nor of his identity so they were in no position to speak.

“Do not trust this man! He was with the others during the attack. I saw him, we all saw him!” Thomas said, referring to his two other colleagues beside him.

“Look do you want my help or not? Because I am a man with little patience. I have other things to attend to…”

“I say we listen to the man!” one of the men from amongst the crowd shouted.

“Are you out of your mind? Did you not just here what I said he is with them!”

“I say we vote, whoever wants to hear what the man has to say raise your hand.” the man in the crowd said. Numerous hands were hoisted, and it was clear most of the people wanted to hear what the man had planned for them.

Thomas looked at the crowd, reviled by the hands in the air. “This man is dangerous can’t you see that?!”

“In this uprising democracy rules! In here we are all slaves with no leader so we go by the majority Milner, you waving yo
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