Alicia reluctantly nodded to Robert Townsdy, he stepped out and a few moments later he came back pushing Martha on a wheelchair. Once they entered the rest of the soldiers outside surrounded the house.

“I will tell you what I know. About the plans of the Heads. The fact is, their plan is not over yet. The invasion was just the beginning of it.”

“What are they planning to do?”

“They seek to remove obstacles along their way. Obstacles are people who are strong enough to foil their plans. Either you join them, or they eliminate you. That is what they did to the two strongest people from this kingdom. The dark bender joined them, the king refused, and he was to be killed. They wanted to break the covenant in order to continue their next phase… but you seemed to have slowed them down.”


“They would have continued with the second phase of their plan straight after the invasion, but they did not account for you to renew the covenant. The covenant cycle still stands Alicia, meaning the
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