Chapter 86

“Welcome to Vienne Hotel,” Leon smiled brightly as he shook hands with some powerful men and women across the country. He flashed a humble smile as he guided them inside the conference room. They all gathered here to invest in the company and they were glad, seeing a competent man talking with them.

There is no one who hasn't heard of Leonardo Hugo Selestial. The man who aced the H*rvard Law School and almost got the perfect score in bar exam. Though they all questioned his decision on not starting his own firm but rather lie low for quite a long while.

And just recently, they heard that he is someone who leads this company… well, on the surface that is. The CEO is still Averill Hursen which is a mystery to many.

“Well, the pay here is way better and I still am practicing law with some clients who offered me skyrocketed amounts,” he laughed. Karl who had the same situation where he stays for the great pay smiled by Noah’s side.

They all gathered here to tackle the business matter but
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Zeariyen *
Noah must have a mental problem. He’s the one that divorced Averill yet he doesn’t want her with anyone else? What did she ever do to him to warrant this hatred? He knows it was she that saved him from kidnappers and that she wasn’t responsible for their son’s death. His character has me confused…
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Sophia Martin
can't wait for updates author this book has me hooked
goodnovel comment avatar
Sophia Martin
thank you author please update more Noah is still an arogant bastard

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