Chapter 10

Clara went back home looking happy and Timi went to meet her.

“ What is the good news ?” Timi ask Clara.

“ The good news is that her parents accept that she should come with me, our plan is begins to work out, I will make we defeat Bella “ Clara tells Timi as she looks excited and she hugs Timi.

Clara park children things as she prepare to take them to Lily's parents.

“ Mum, where are you parking our bags to ?” Daniel as Clara.

“ Yes dear, I and your dad are traveling to somewhere but promise to be back soon, you will stay with Lily's mum and dad for the main time and you shouldn't trouble them to much “ Clara tells the children.

“Don’t go mum “ Daniella tells Clara as she looks sad.

“ I promise you, I will be back soon “ Clara tells Daniella.

“ My mum went far away and you too want to go far away just like my mum “ Diana tells Clara as she cries and Timi went to meet her.

“ Listen, I will never leave or your mum will never do, we have some unfinished business and we must complete if
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