SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"How can you not eat when you're pregnant!" Xi broke the news to her because she couldn't stand seeing her sister in such terrible condition.

Kendall felt like time had stopped for her as she stared at Xi to be sure she wasn't joking or only saying that to make her eat but when she saw how serious she was, she couldn't take it anymore..

"Is this some kinda joke to make me eat?" Kendall asked with a shaky voice and her eyes had become clouded with tears.

"It's true, I asked them to conduct the test because I suspected you were pregnant when you passed out earlier." Lucas who happened to stumble upon their conversation spoke..

Kendall shook her head in denial.

How can she be pregnant when her husband is still fighting for his life?

"Why is this happening to me? " She was obviously wallowing in self pity while Xi just pulled her into her embrace and let her cry to her heart's content..

"Everything will be fine, okay? You just have to stay posi
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