Donna stood at the gates of the dungeon for a while before she opened it and walked towards a cell.

There, she scoffed when she saw Silas asleep with the redhead witch, Lilith on his thighs, he was sitting and his back was resting on the wall as he slept.

She intentionally made a loud noise with the iron bars as she opened them and that seemed to stir them up but they just turned to the side and continued sleeping, she glared at Lilith on his laps and scoffed again.

" Wake them up," she ordered and a guard walked towards the sleeping duos and gave both a tight slap on their faces that'd surely leave a mark.

Silas jumped up immediately as he rubbed his face while Lilith just watched boredly, still half awake.

" I see you're both enjoying your cell. Attend to her," Donna told the guard who nodded, she turned to Silas with a cold look." Stand up and follow me." She ordered and left the cell without waiting for him.

He was still looking on confused, thinking if she really meant he shoul
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