Were her kind still remaining? Had she finally found one of her people or had they finally found her instead?

" Who...who are you?" Leilani asked stupefied.

" Can I see you for a moment, Lady Miller?" The blonde lady asked, she didn't look old but she looked older than Leilani who stood with widened eyes at the name she was refered to, she was called by her family's name in her pack then.

" If we remain like this, we'd garner attention soon." The lady smiled and walked away, Leilani looked around and immediately followed her and thankfully, her maids nor Xander weren't in sight.

" You know you'd garner attention, then why did you expose your hair?" Leilani whispered and the lady flashed a shawl that was lying on her neck which Leilani didn't seem to notice.

" I'll be quick before they trail your scent, my mother sent me here, Lady Miller. She knows all what has been happening these past horrible years, how's she? The little princess?" The lady smiled, she had blonde bangs unlike Leil
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