Two huge Alpha wolves, a large beta wolf and hundreds of dangerous rogues and counting surrounded the room but one of the Alpha wolves had a pale, blonde lady strapped tightly on its huge, furry back that seemed like a cradle bed.

It's eyes were eager to take the woman on his back away from the building filled with howls and growls of the rogue wolves.

Pedro didn't waste time, he could tell that Elton was trying to take his daughter out of there so he had to help. He needed to. His huge, black wolf turned to the silver one behind him and raised it paws to give it a signal to leave but things weren't that easy.

Kaden couldn't just leave that easily.

Out of the three daughters he had, his triplet, he'd seem like a partial father but there was one he loved more among the three of them and that was his crown princess, the one now strapped tightly on the back of her mate and on the back of the man who had cursed her and her family a whole lot of pain some years back.

Meanwhile, Cole left
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