" Where's Xander?" The Alpha who was just entering into the pack hospital asked. He was just returning with his Gamma but he suddenly couldn't find the man beside him anymore.

" Good day, Alpha. I saw him a few minutes ago." A guard replied with a confused look. They weren't even understanding the Gamma these days, the man was always looking distraught everytime which was really unusual of him.

Kaden simply nodded as he continued on his strides to a certain ward. He opened the door gently and a familiar sight met him again which made a sigh escape from his lips.

He still wasn't seeing those eyes. Another day had added to the day she'd been laying there unconscious and yet those gorgeous blue orbs weren't still open. Those were the thoughts that always appear on his mind anytime he enters her ward.

He was just returning from Wymond's burial ceremony which only consisted of a handful of people and the Alphas. He had killed his brother and took his position but he was stil
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