The Alpha was glaring at the sweating pack doctor who was heaving like he just survived a great fall from a skyscraper.

" It's been two months, Hardam. Two good months and yet, she's not even giving a single sign of life in her. Is there something you aren't telling me?" His tone was really angry and dangerous.

" I-i'm sorry, Alpha. The Luna will be fine, I promise." Hardam pleaded frighteningly.

" Actually, in my own opinion as a doctor, I'd prefer her being unconscious like this than her being conscious and not remembering anything and anyone." Hardam said afterwards but if he knew, he'd have just kept quiet.

As he kind of expected, he didn't hear the Alpha talk anymore so he turned to stare at Kaden who was throwing him a very dangerous glare.

" What did you say?"

" It's nothing, Alpha. I'm sorry." He exhaled a sigh when the hazel eyed man turned his gaze away from him and to the woman laying on the bed.

His gaze slowly averted to her stomach and a deeper sigh left t
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