Chapter 21

I sat on the edge of a small cliff that was not too far from the house. Further east was a waterfall from a stream that wrapped around the territory but that was further than I wanted to go. The air blew through my hair and I had my leg pulled up, the other dangling off the edge. It was sunny and so the rock beneath me was warm since the trees didn’t grow this close to the edge. It overlooked the rest of the forest that dropped down about thirty or so feet.

It was peaceful. There weren’t any sounds outside of the wind, the rustling of the trees, and the creatures in the forest. I found a place that I escaped to outside of the High Council castle as well. Here though, was familiar and safe. A place where my head could just not think of all the things I needed to do, all the duties and problems of the world. Naresh also sat quietly in my head as we looked out. At some point, I closed my eyes and slipped into a meditative state.

I heard someone come up behind me and I looked back, seein
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Hating Logan... He knows about the drug side effects but still take it..

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