Chapter 51

Neither Vale or I slept the rest of the night. We must have looked like zombies coming down to breakfast but no one fucked with us. Suddenly, I felt very glad Vale was avoided. He was so numb at this point, looking like a hollow shell of himself. The Alpha didn’t care but I could tell High Councilor Mark definitely gave him a few looks of confusion. Nothing was ever said out loud though.

Cracking my neck, I stretched. We needed to focus. We needed to reign in everything. We had to for the sake of the six little kids now trapped in a fucking cell.

“So where is the training grounds? I feel like beating the shit out of something.” I cracked my knuckles for emphasis.

“Sorry. We don’t allow outsiders to fight in our training grounds.”

My brow furrowed. “Why the fuck not? Wouldn’t you want to show off your might? Or learn a thing or two from wolves coming into the pack? Seems like a damn fucking shame. I wanted to beat the snot out of some pups.” I laughed but holy hell did it sound hollow.
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