Shayana's POV

It wasn't an exhausting day for me, we haven't started our lessons yet. All our heads just simply orient us on how they want the class runs. Some heads make me bored but there are few that you need to be attentive to.

Heads are the same as teachers or professors. They are just called heads.

"I heard that your head supervisor is Miss Tasha." Kyla is with me. I invited her to my apartment. I invited her for dinner.


"You're lucky. Miss Tasha is so cool." She's right. I found Miss Tasha cool too. I bet Miss Tasha is just in her mid 30's.

"Shayana, I'll just go to the bread section okay? Wait for me here. "

We are at the supermarket. Kyla insisted on buying food for our dinner. She said she doesn't want to go empty handed. I just let her.

While I'm scanning our cart, some girls approach me.

"Who are you?" There are three of them. And they all looked at me kind of sarcastic and angry.

"Who are you too?" The girl in the middle with a brown wavy hair smirk. She walked closely to me.

"The nerve of you gamma girl. Who are you to be associated with Knight?"

I knew it. They were all Knight's admirers. As I looked into their eyes, I realized they were all beta.

Come to think of it, Kyla is right. These girls may be envious of me because Knight keeps on approaching me.

"I don't know either. Do you think I wanted to be associated with your crown alpha? Then have him on your own." I pushed the cart and passed them.

As long as I can, I keep on composing myself not to hit them either. I want a peaceful stay here in the Academy. Actually, I can handle them. I just choose not to.

"Ouch!!!" Someone threw a box on me. I looked at the cereal box on the floor. Then I looked behind me. It was them again.

"Listen gamma girl." They faced me and folded their arms.

"Don't ever cross your boundaries. You can't be with Knight. So if you want a peaceful life here, better stay away from him." And by that they rebuffed me and left.

As if I'm planning to seduce Knight. Tsk.

" Hey what happened? " Kyla just came.

"Nothing. Some girls just came to threaten me."

"Threaten? For what?"

"Never mind that. I can handle them. Let's go."

" Wow Shayana. I didn't think you could cook so well. It's so delicious. "

I'm happy that Kyla is satisfied. The fact is, it's her 4th serving already.

"Well, I just learned it from my mom."

"Lucky of you, in our home, we are just being called if it's time to eat."

If I were to judge Kyla, I bet she's rich. The way she dresses, speaks and all. I just also suddenly noticed that her eyes were green. She's a beta.

How come she's a friend and nice with me while the other girls beta a while ago is so mean.

"Why are you staring at me?" I snap out. I was dumbfounded with her. I just have a chance now to look at her bare face. And I realized that she's pretty. She looks like a princess.

"Nothing. Just realize you're so pretty. You look like a princess."

"Pffft. You're so over reacting."

" No I'm not. Just telling the truth. "

"Well. You're pretty too. That's why you caught the crown alpha's attention."

"Hey. What the hell are you saying? Don't ever say that in public or else someone might hear you. I am already having a hard time dealing with his admirers, you know."

She laughed.

" Sorry, it's just the first time that a Knight is seen hanging around with one girl. She never approaches or talks to any girl except to her sister and mother. "

She has a sister? Well, that's not impossible.

"I don't know what he's into, but it's not in my plan to associate with him. I want a peaceful life here."

Another day of class. Another day of Knight not giving me a quiet time.

And of course, another day of stare and glare by girls.

It's been 4 days since the class started, and nothing is new. Lessons here in Troika are much different in lessons outside of humans.

At Least here, there's no mathematics. Also here, there's no specific subject. Just different heads that teach us different ways of showcasing our skill.

Like this time, Mr. Agasi teaches us ways to hide our eye color. I didn't know we were capable of doing that.

"All werewolves can hide their eye color. It just needed much practice and focus and dedication. It was important for us to learn this. Because there will be a time in our life, we'll be meeting mortals. And it is important that we can manage to hide our identity."

Mr. Agasi shows us an example. He showed us how he hid his eye color. And it was amazing. He just closed his eyes and maybe about 2 seconds he opened it back and his eyes turned black.

"Also, you need to learn to maintain your eye to remain black. The longer you need to hold it, the more practice you have to learn."

" Shifting your eye color is hard already, but remaining it black for a moment is much harder."

" Because as you turn your eye color to black, your body becomes weakened. So the longer your eye color is shifted, the more it will be dangerous for you."

One of my classmates raised his hand.

" But we can learn how to control it, right Sir? Like we can shift our eye color at the same time we control our body to remain composed. "

" Of course you can. Haven't you noticed, I have shifted my eye color for about how many minutes already. Am I weakened?"

Yeah he's right. He remains his composure. No sign of weakness.

Another classmate of mine raised his hand.

"Sir, how long does a certain pack hold shifting eye color?"

"Well, for me, the longest I can do is about 15 hours. But, I'm still practicing and improving to have it at least 24 hours. The longest time that's been recorded in our history is 32 hours. But, it wasn't my story to tell."

" Anyway, by next week, I'll appoint you to have a partner to help each other by shifting eye color. There's still many steps and struggle before you achieve it, but you still have a long time to practice it."

I noticed that Mr. Agasi is staring at me.

" Why sir? " I asked him because it makes me uncomfortable.

" Oh sorry. I think I just saw your eyes turn red. Maybe I'm just hallucinating. Well, okay class, that's all for today."

Weird. Maybe he just hallucinates.

I'm now eating alone at the cafeteria. Kyla has an extra activity in her class so she can't eat with me.

This time, I missed Calix. There's no time that Calix is not with me around. If he found out that I was having lunch alone, he better ditch his class.

I'm not saying that Kyla must do that, it's just I really miss Calix. I miss my best friend.

"May I sit here?" Why does he have to be here right now? I'm in the middle of a drama.

"I see you're not with your friend." I just ignored him. I don't have time to meddle with him.

" You know, you can call me if you're not eating with someone. " I just ignored him again. I just keep on eating my lunch.

" Anyway, let's be partners by next week okay? " Still, I don't mind him.

" Hey, why are you ignoring me? Talk to me. "



" Hey! Can you please talk to me? "


Just eating.

Don't mind him.

I was surprised when he took my plate. That is when I look at him.

" What do you think you're doing?! "

" How about you? Why are you ignoring me? "

" I have a right to ignore you and I don't have time to chit chat with you. "

" Why are you so aggressive towards me? I don't remember doing anything to you. "

" Because you're so annoying. Stop hanging around me. I can eat alone. "

He just looked at me for a moment then returned my plate. He stood up. But before he left….

"I don't know what I have done to you except for the fact that I'm just trying to be friends with you."

He left me there with a guilt that stuck in my throat that I can't even eat my food now.

"He's right Shayana. Maybe you were being harsh to him."

I tell Kyla what happened in the cafeteria a while ago. I must admit. I feel guilty. If only you could see the disappointed face of Knight, you would feel the same.

"I didn't want him to feel that way. I just don't want to hang around with him. I received so much hate now already and that's enough."

" But Knight is being sincere in offering a friendship to you. Won't you consider that? "

I just don't understand. He has friends. Many girls are dying just to notice them. Why me?

"Knight must have found something incredible to you that makes him interested in you. Like me."

I know I'm pretty. But what's that incredible he has found in me?

"You feel guilty right?"

"Of course. Sorry, okay?"

"Why me? Say sorry to him. "

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