Chapter 7. Kick Isolde, Doris comeback

Isolde didn't think Keelin would take such a sudden move. She fell to the floor, rolled her eyes, and looked up at Keelin in shock, her eyes filled with anger and hatred.

"You …"

"You what?"

Keelin smirked, she looked at Isolde fearlessly and said:

“If a servant is not as fast as a dog, what is the need of a servant? I'd rather buy a dog to run, it's more effective than you, it's cheap and reasonable, and it's not like someone else uses the eyes of the enemy to look at the owner. Sassy"

Keelin's steely voice and strong aura not only shocked Isolde, but also made Sera dumbfounded.

She didn't know that Keelin also had this side, and for a moment a feeling of joy spread in her heart. It seems that the boss really has eyes for people, this girl is really not as weak as she seems.

After a few seconds of surprise, Sera gave a reassuring smile and then stood to the side, leaving the decision to Keelin in full control.

After receiving a slap from Keelin, seeing Sera's humorous smile and the peering eyes of everyone around, Isolde realized that she was not profitable. But thinking of Clara, she tried to control her trembling and raised her voice to threaten Keelin:

“You hit me? Aren't you afraid that Mr. Ramos will find out? Boss won't forgive you?"

"Really?" Keelin laughed mockingly

She stooped slightly, looked Isolde straight in the eye, and spoke with her matter-of-fact voice

“Isolde, you seem to be overestimating yourself. Do you think Lars will favor you, an ex-fiancée's maidservant, or me, the ex-wife he worked so hard to bring back after the divorce? And the answer … You must be the one who knows the answer the most, Isolde”

Isolde shuddered to hear that. She doesn't know why Lars suddenly agreed to let Keelin come back even though they're already divorced. But she still thinks that no matter what, everything is still the same, even if Keelin gets divorced and comes back, nothing will change. But now she knows she was wrong. Something very special happened between the two of them, and that was why Keelin changed and no longer tolerated her, Isolde.

Seeing the fear in Isolde's eyes, Keelin knew she had successfully exerted influence, but that wasn't enough for her.

Keelin straightened her back, looked down at Isolde, then spoke to Sera in a commanding voice

“Sera, would you mind paying Isolde this month's salary and giving her an allowance equivalent to three more months. It's a reward for her 'hard work' these three years."

Hearing the meaning of Keelin's words, Isolde stared at her in shock.

"What? … You want to fire me? You are not afraid…”

"What? Fear of what?" Keelin interjected Isolde's words "Afraid of Clara? Or afraid of Lars? Too bad, now neither of them can make me feel fear.”

Keelin turned to Sera and said:

"Do it!"

Sera received the order, without hesitation called someone to drag Isolde out of the room. Sera also follows to complete the formalities for her.

Isolde's screams of protest faded away and ended.

Looking at Keelin's new self, the rest of the servants couldn't help but feel apprehensive, but most of all, they still saw Keelin as a sensible person. Isolde is like this because she deserves it, there's no doubt about it.

Everyone retreated, and the large room was now alone with Keelin.

She was happy, but not long before her mood dropped again. Because Isolde's existence was what reminded Keelin of Lars' previous cold attitude. Although Keelin's feelings are not as passionate as before, she still has hope, he has said that he will change.

 Keelin stared into space for a long moment, then reached for the phone. The moment her finger touched the phone, the screen suddenly lit up, and a notification from the cinema app appeared, it was an advertisement for the newly released Finding Nemo part 2 movie, the story of Dory, the colored fish green.

Dory … Doris ... Right, Doris.

Keelin's eyes suddenly lit up. She quickly found Sera's number and called her.

Soon, Sera picked up the phone.

"Madam, what's wrong?"

“Where is Doris now?” Keelin immediately asked

Sera thought for a few seconds then remembered

“Doris…that orange-haired maid? I don't know, do you have an urgent matter to see her?"

“Yes, can you help me contact her?”

"Okay, I'll contact you right away, then I'll let you know"

Keelin hung up the phone and let out a soft breath.

Doris was originally a maid that Keelin brought from the Morales mansion after she got married. After about three months, Doris talked about going back home to visit, and then never came back. She did contact her, but she did not say why. It was not until two years later that Keelin learned that Clara used the money to threaten Doris' family, causing her to leave the Ramos mansion. Knowing the story, Keelin helped Doris 'destroy' all threats and asked her to return to work, but at that time Doris said that there was an important job so she could not return. After that, Keelin did not contact her anymore.

Looking back, Keelin felt it was the right time to bring Doris back.

If Lars has a great assistant Finn, so does Keelin, for her, that person is Doris. So, for the sake of Keelin's post-divorce life, at all costs, she had to bring Doris back.


Three days have passed in the blink of an eye, today is the day Lars comes back from a business trip in the eastern city.

Especially, today Keelin woke up very early, two hours earlier than usual. But she woke up early not because of Lars' return but because of the arrival of the garden designer, Martin.

In the past, due to various reasons, Keelin had minimized the change of layout and objects in the Ramos mansion. But now it's different, she wants to do, dares Lars to stop.

Keelin leisurely sat down to enjoy her tea, her gaze drifting to the dug-out area not far away, where a maidservant was screaming, it was none other than Doris.

“No, that must be left.”

"Hey man! Don't dig there anymore, everything around will be breaking"

"Hey, hey, don't touch that, that’s the boss's favorite statue. Do you have enough money to compensate?"

Keelin watched Doris running back and forth, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. She just told Doris to go out there and do a little visual inspection, who would have thought she'd go out there to direct people.

“That girl is really energetic.” Marin standing beside Keelin saw Doris and couldn't help but laugh. This was not the first time he knew Keelin, but the first time he had come to this Ramos mansion. Witnessing the two masters and servants exchanging and seeing Keelin's happy eyes looking at Doris, Martin immediately felt that she came here to be a bride, although in a hurry, but not too bad.

“That's right.” Keelin nodded and looked up slightly at Martin, it wasn't hard for her to guess the thoughts in his eyes. But it can't be helped, he doesn't know her real life at the Ramos mansion, much less the fact that she and Lars are divorced. To be more precise, most outsiders are like that because that information is strictly confidential by Lars, which Keelin had accidentally learned from Sera.

Putting that aside for a moment, Keelin looked down at the flower garden catalog and asked Martin

"I want to grow Iris flowers, how do you think it should be arranged to be reasonable and beautiful?"

 Martin thought for a moment. He was just about to answer when a low, hoarse voice suddenly came from behind he:

"Who is he?"

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