Chapter 98. The reason can't

“I'm so sorry.” Sophronia patted Anthea's hand for comfort, there is no greater pain than the loss of a loved one, especially when that person is the only one.

Just by imagining it, Sophronia could sense Anthea's feelings when Anna died. Because she used to be like that. Anthea's pain is different from Sophronia's pain of losing her husband, but the intensity is similar, it is difficult to describe in words.

Anthea gave a small smile in place of her thanks and continued speaking

“That year, after going to college for a year, Anna brought a man home and introduced him as her lover. That is inherently not strange at all, she has reached the age of love, and having a lover is normal. I also quite like that guy, he is careful, caring and very fond of Anna. Until one day, I found out he was a vampire.”

Anthea paused for a moment, Sophronia still listening silently to her story.

“That day, me, my husband, Anna and he went on a trip in the mountains. Because of the strange place, I couldn't
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