Chapter Five

"Olivia is that you?" Eve demanded and placed her left hand on the hand around her waist. Then she felt a bulge behind her and she knew it was a man standing behind her with his hands around her.

"How dare you?" Eve screamed and turned around with her left arm lifted to the sky, ready to strike the man, standing hard behind her. Even though she was in a drunken state, Eve could sense the situation she was in.

When she saw the face of the culprit, Eve gasped for breath and her lifted palm slowly went down. "Are you okay?" came his deep voice. "I just want us to dance," he added.

Eve's jaw dropped. Who could this man be? she thought with her eyes fixed on his well-sculptured eyebrows. His hands were still around her waist. Eve moved her eyes to his forest-green eyes and then to his chiseled jaw. She could swear that he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.

Eve then recalled that his hands were still wrapped around her waist so she jerked his hands off and took a few steps backward. "I must go now," she said and when she turned around to leave, she lost her balance and almost fell but the man helped her regain her balance by holding onto her arm.

"Thank you," Eve mumbled and rolled her eyes around the crowded room. "Where could Olivia be?" 

"Are you saying something?" came his deep, sexy voice.

"Uhmm...not really. Thanks for preventing me from falling," she replied.

The man smiled and Eve blinked. "You're welcome," he replied.

" Are you going home? You don't look good." he pointed out.

"I'm good." Eve retorted.

He countered. "You don't look good to me." The people around them were dancing and the men and their girlfriends were stroking each other's bodies.

Eve held her head with both hands. "I think I have a headache," she said and shook her head. She looked around and was finally able to spot Olivia.

Olivia had woken up from her sleep a short while ago and was cackling like a broken clay pot. She was engrossed in the conversation she was having with a blonde-haired man, sitting opposite her at the bar stand.

"I came with my friend," Eve said and stared directly into the man's eyes. Their eyes met and she turned away. "It seems I'm not leaving soon. I have to go with my friend over there and I don't want to ruin her fun," she explained abs and directed the man's gaze toward Eve.

" I understand." the man replied with a smile.  "Why don't we dance since your friend over there seems to be making an acquaintance?" he suggested.

Eve shook her head from left to right. "I don't want to dance," she replied and wanted to leave but didn't know which way to follow.

"Why don't you come with me then?" the man suggested and stretched out his right palm toward eve.

She took a glance at Olivia and took the man's hand. He led her away from the dance floor to the bar stand where Olivia was chatting.

Eve moved to Olivia. "I'll be around here. Call me if you are ready to go home," she whispered into Olivia's left ear.

Olivia nodded in understanding, took a glance at the man beside Eve, and continued her conversation with the blonde man. 

The man then led Eve to the VIP lounge of the bar and offered her a seat on the couch. The lounge was vacant. He sat opposite her and offered her a glass of alcoholic wine but Eve declined.

"I've had much already," Eve said and rested her back against the chair. She heaved a deep sigh. 

"And your headache?"

"I think it's gone just that I'm having blurred vision and I'm feeling worn out.."

"Your vision will clear off in a short while." the man assured her. Eve nodded and quickly sat up. She wondered how possible it was for her to accept the man's invitation to the VIP lounge even though she didn't know him but could tell that he was a devilishly handsome man to whom she was probably attracted. She had always been difficult to convince.

"If you are tired, You can come with me to a place where you can lay and rest your head till your friend contact you. I'm lodging at a hotel by the around here. Want to come over?." he implored.

"Okay." Eve agreed and the man stood up. 

"I'm Henry by the way." he introduced himself while extending his right hand to Eve.

"I'm Eve," she replied, shaking him. "Larry right? Or did you say Berry?" she asked and pouted her lips. The man smiled and helped her get up.

Henry held Eve by the arm and they walked out of the bar. When they stepped out, the door to a car was opened and Eve can't tell what kind of car it was and she wasn't sure whether there were other people around them. She stepped into the car and was awakened a few minutes later by a tap from Henry on her left thigh.

"We are here," he announced and helped her get down from the vehicle. Eve yawned and followed him inside the hotel. At that moment, all she cared about was rest.

Henry held Eve in his left hand and her bag was in his right hand. She followed him to his hotel room like a sheep that was being led to the slaughter. She saw him speaking with the receptionist and couldn't hear the words they were saying. Then her headache returned.

Henry unlocked the door to his suite and ushered Eve into the room. She threw her shoes which she had been carrying all along from the car and fell on the large bed on her back.

"My head hurts," she complained while caressing her forehead.

"Take a shower. It will make you feel better." Henry suggested and pointed to the bathroom. 

Without any hesitation, Eve stood up and moved to the bathroom. Before getting in, she took off her gown, and unknown to her, Henry had seen her stripping from his spot.

Eve walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She shut her eyes as the warm water ran from her hair down to her feet. The man was right. Taking a shower will make her feel better. While she was still in the bathroom, Eve had promised herself that once she was done taking the shower, she will dress up, grab her bag and return to the bar.

Maybe she should spend a few minutes more under the shower and just as she assumed, the shower worked for she felt her weariness lessen as the water ran through every corner of her skin. Then, she felt a hand making its way to her breast. She quickly opened her eyes and saw Henry facing her, stark naked.

Her jaw dropped. "What? What are you doing here?" she demanded with a shaky voice? she began to move backward.

Henry moved closer to her and pressed his broad chest against her nipples and they were aroused. "Relax!" he said and wiped the splashes of water on her face with his hands. He took the strand of her hair that was making its way to her face and placed it behind her ear.

Eve felt a warmness envelop her entire body and her legs began to shake. Henry was staring deep into her eyes and she didn't know when she blurted out "Kiss me."

Henry wrapped both his hands around her bare waist locking the both of them in an embrace. He then used his left hand and pulled her face closer to his then he planted a deep kiss on her lips. He gradually broke away from the kiss and reconnected almost immediately.

With their lips locked in one another's, Henry stroke Eve's back and slowly moved to her nipple. Soon, Eve was gasping for breath as Henry aggressively squeezed her nipples while kissing her.

Suddenly, Eve pushed Henry away and took deep breaths. He turned off the shower and couldn't take his eyes off her body. "You have a beautiful body he said and ran his hands through his wet hair.

Eve wanted to tell him how he was turning her on and when her eyes moved down, she took them away and he chuckled. "You've never seen an erection before?" he asked.

"II don't know what to say." stuttered Eve.

"I want to do crazy things to you tonight." he spat.

Eve wanted to disappear from the shower. Don't do this Eve she told herself for the man was a total stranger and a one-night stand was something she had never done before. 

"I want you so badly." he professed and rested his back against the tiled wall.

She wanted to grab him and bury her head on his chest while he squeeze her nipples the way he did earlier. Eve wanted him to slide his huge dick into her and do the crazy things he was imagining but she dared not tell him.

Henry bit his lower lip and began moving closer to Eve. She shut her eyes, turned away, and was facing the wall, backing him.

He slightly bit her ear lobe. "Open your eyes," he whispered and Eve could feel his hot breath on her neck.

"I want you to see the things I want to do to you. I want you so badly and I know you want me too,"  he told her and Eve slowly turned around. She was facing him.

She pulled his face toward her and began kissing him. He placed his hands on her buttocks and pressed her against himself.

"You make me hard. I want to take you to bed." he professed and swept her up her feet before she could speak.  While in his arms, she was still kissing him.

Henry threw Eve on the bed and she spread her legs wide before him. At that point, she couldn't tell whether she was still drunk or not. All she knew was that she was in the same room with a strange man who had made her wet with little effort and all she cared about was being banged by him.

Henry climbed on Eve and just when he was about to kiss her on the lips, she moved his head downward, placing it in between her thighs. Henry dipped his head into her vagina and in a short while, she was moaning her heart out.

"Please don't stop." Eve beckoned as Henry's tongue made its way to her clitoris. He swapped his tongue with his two fingers and as he dipped into her, she screamed, holding tightly to the sheet. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

Henry moved to her breast and worked for his hands around them. "I want to hear you moan," he said and slide his dick into her with his hands on her breast.

Eve screamed as Henry kept thrusting back and forth. There was no denying that it was the best sex of her life. After a short while, Henry turned her around and started thrusting from behind. She then climbed on top and rode him like a typical cowgirl while he moaned. They went for three more rounds before they both fell asleep, tired and satisfied. 


The sun rays penetrating the room through the slightly opened window woke Eve up. She carefully opened her eyes and found her surroundings looking odd.

"Where am I?" she muttered and quickly sat up. A white bed sheet was covering her.  Where is this place? she pondered and gazed at the wall clock above her head. It was almost 9 am.

"Oh my God!" she screamed as flashes of events from last night came running through her mind.

"What have you done Eve?" she asked herself with her eyes rolling around the empty room

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