Chapter One hundred-Four

"Come in," Henry responded from the inside. He adjusted his collar and stationed both his hands on his table.

Eve walked into the office. Henry motioned to her with his head to sit. She settled on the couch.

"You called me sir?" she demanded with her gaze fixed on the calendar on the wall.

"Yes," Henry replied wishing she would turn to gaze upon his face even once but she didn't.

"I spoke to my father." Henry began.

Eve stared at him for a moment and cast her gaze back at the calendar.

"I confronted him about his issue with your dad." He disclosed.

Eve nodded repeatedly and darted her gaze to the floor.

Henry continued. "I want to set up a meeting between our fathers."

Eve lifted her head. Her eyes were rolling in astonishment. "What are you saying?"

"I know it sounds ridiculous Eve but I've spoken to my father about it and he's cool with it." Henry maintained.

Eve swung her head from left to right. "There's no way my dad is agreeing to this meeting." she asserted.

"I know. The thing
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