Chapter One Hundred-Nine

"I'm done, sir. I was about to bring them before you called," she said and presented the files to Henry thinking he had called her to submit them.

Henry motioned to her to drop the files on his table.

"Sit!" He pointed to the sofa by his left.

Eve sat. "Is there anything I can do for you sir?" she demanded.

Henry flashed an impish grin. "You are going to be doing a lot today."

Eve smiled. She was okay with the declaration. Right now, she'll be happy to bury her head at work as long as it keeps her distracted from him.

"So what will I be doing sir?" Eve asked.

Henry was stunned by her composure. "It's a lot of work Eve and I'm afraid you might be staying much longer today," he replied.

"Much longer?" Eve asked him with a quirked brow.

Henry cleared his throat loudly. "Yes, Eve. We have a huge task at hand and you might have to stay behind till 8 pm."

Eve's eyes widened in horror. Why would Henry say such a thing? Had he forgotten that they need to be at his parent's by 7 pm? she wonder
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