Chapter One Hundred-Ten

Eve wheeled the cart to her office, her nostrils puffing hot chair. She slammed the door behind her and slumped on her chair.

"Larry!" she gasped after it dawned on her that she needed to catch a ride in the delivery van before he zooms off without her.

At that point, she needed no one to inform her that Henry was doing all he could to prevent her from having dinner with his friends that night.

But why? she kept wondering at the possibilities of skeletons in his cupboard.

She abruptly stood up, grabbed her back and dashed to Anna's office. Larry and the dumb delivery can wait. She has two minutes to spare anyway.

Eve bumped into Anna at the door just when she was about to get into her office. Anna is one of the members of the hate club who works in the company.

"Are you okay?" Anna asked after noticing the distress on Eve's face and the way she was panting.

Eve rested her back against the wall and went on panting.

Anna roved her eyes around wondering whether Eve was chased. "Won't yo
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