Dark Presence


Whoever said that silence is inactive, has no knowledge of its power. It is only when one is silent that one can have time to calculate things.

Even in arguments, the one who is the loudest is the most irrational. This is what I just have done now. I assured my little human of my presence then went on to keep silent, making sure she knows that I am still here for her.

She also falls into deep contemplative silence and looks at how much good it has done. She has time to reflect on everything. She has even decided to accept her role in all this.

I guess I was fretting for nothing. She is stronger than what I gave her credit for. Truly, my little human is actually a super girl.

On her own, Aria has managed to piece the puzzle together. She is intelligent enough to discern the truth of what is happening here. Even I agree with her speculation.

I have been sensing very dark energy around the pack for a while now. So, Aria is not wrong at all. Darkahic is at work here and we have
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