The Mouse and The Trap

My dad had set our house on fire and by the look in his eyes that night, he had known I had been inside. He had known.

That thought stayed with me.

The police came three days later.

I was at work with Lanie, munching on chips when a knock sounded and Tonia, the woman manning the last floor reception, poked her head in

"Miss Paul, the police are here for you", she announced gleefully, probably hoping I had done something wrong.

I nodded, already fully prepared for the moment and she left, letting them in.

A woman came in first, her black pixie cut hair shaping her diamond face and her short stature clad in the police uniform, a man stepped in next, the young man from the hospital.

"Good day, Miss Paul, I'm Detective Rainey", the woman said briskly, unsmiling as she stood in front of my table, towering over me from my sitting position, "We'll try not to take much of your time. We just have some questions."

I nodded, breathing in air, and preparing myself for the onslaught and feeling
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I am loving this book.

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