Heart's grave

Claude stared at me, a grin expanding his lips. Sydney stared, her eyes glinting with amusement.

"We are definitely going out to celebrate this", he hollered, clapping his hands in his air, his body vibrating with excitement.

"Welcome to the fun side", Sydney gleamed, her fangs exposing with her smile.

My eyes lit up at Claude's previous statement, and my gaze snapped to his. "I thought we were banned from leaving the mansion".

Claude tsked, his blonde locs glinting in the light,

"You were banned. We were not".

"There's a huge difference".

I frowned, slumping back against the pillows.

They had come in less than a minute after I exited the bathroom, and here we were.

Or here I was.

Wondering if Jacob had been really serious when he gave off that rule and what was the worst that could happen if I disobeyed?

I needed to see my friends.

And no force in this world was going to stop me

Not even the broody, confusing vampire that I was half in love with.

"You're free to go wherever you wa
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