Sweet Melodies

I threw out every single skimpy cloth in the wardrobe, looking for a sultry dress that would pull in the big fish.

I was done being sober and puppy eyed.

He was getting engaged!!

He had his dick inside me just the previous night and now he was engaged.

I didn't want to believe if it was true or not.

You know what

Screw him

Screw the son of a mother…

I trailed off, dragging in a deep breath to stave off my anger.

There was no point wasting my emotions on an

emotionless man.

He could be holding me against my will, but that didn't mean he was going to have free will concerning my body ever again

I was done. My heart could take no more.


He was going to regret this, I vowed.

At least I knew the power my body held over him.

The intense chemistry didn't only affect me.

I was going to use that, I was going to milk it and I was going to make him regret ever demeaning me.

"We're angry", Sydney's voice came from behind me. "Finally", her eyes lit up as I turned to face her.

A twis
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goodnovel comment avatar
Eni Meza
I want him to make Jacob suffer.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda Michńďlle
waiting in anticipation. Maybe 2 chapters :)?

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