Chapter 27

valerie pov :

I heard the sound of birds chipping , But I can't bring myself to wake up ,I was still having a wonderful dream when a bright light reflexed into my room ,I struggle to wake up when I finally opened my eyes I was greeted by two maids .

" Good morning my lady "

" Good morning "

" My lady the king request your presence in the dinning room ,So please My lady you need to get dressed immediately "

I bit my lips and looked down ,I really was not in the mood to see him not today , Especially not his crazy family .

" I don't feel like going to the dinner room today, Please can you bring my breakfast to my room "

" You see my lady that's were we have a big problem , His majesty asked us to bring you to the dinner room , But if your refuse than he will come and dress you up himself "

" Huh "

Immediately she said does words ,I became speechless , The thought of it alone was something I never wished for it to happen .

I quickly got up from the bed and ran to
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