“Did you really need to do that?” Adam asks as soon as I jog up to him.

He begins walking away and I struggle to keep his pace with my much shorter legs.

I admit, it might have been a bit dramatic but it was necessary. I don’t want to constantly worry about him while working on the project.

“I did. Silas and I are going to be working together, and we all need to cooperate if we’re going to make a reasonable score. I have no intentions of getting anything less than an A.” I explain.

“You sure it’s not more than that?” He prods further.


He pauses, suddenly turning to me.

I stumble a bit to stop my fast paced walking without warning and successfully steady myself.

“Are you sure it’s just about calling a truce, Freya?”

He looks at me more seriously than before. His once playful countenance is completely gone.

At first, I wonder what exactly it is that’s suddenly putting him in such a sour state. The look of dislike and other things swirling in his eyes, till it sudd
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