“What is this about now?” He snaps once we’re alone on the balcony.

It’s just weird how he hasn’t noticed it, the hint of animosity oozing out of Elena and her father, after how it seems to be that they’re closely keeping an eye on every single thing we’ve been doing since they’ve walked in.

“This isn’t the time to be a bastard of a father, so just listen to me.” I snap, easily provoked.

“If this is your plan to ruin years of hard work I’ve put into this agreement, I’ll have to remind you whose life is at stake.” He points out cruelly without batting an eyelash.

Again, he doesn’t bother to hear a single thing I have to say, which irks me even more. How can someone be so prideful that they can’t see what’s in front of them?

“How loyal do you think Crescent moon pack is to the throne?” I ask.

“Of course, no one can ever be loyal enough. We have more than a handful of wolf packs looking for a chance to overthrow us and take the mantle of power for themselves, and that’s why w
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