Lily's Verdict

I stirred a little and turned to the other side, and my eyes fell on Austin. He was sitting facing me, his elbow propped half on the headrest, his eyes fixed on me. My eyes slowly widened as I straightened.

"Are we here already?" I asked, my voice sleepy.

He slowly nodded. "Yes."

"You should have woken me up. You must have been tired from driving all day." I squinted my eyes at him. The sun was setting behind him, the sheen causing his hair to turn a golden brown, and make his red eyes a little lighter than they actually are.

He smiled and extended his hand to me. "I thought you looked too pretty that way. I wouldn't mind waiting for you."

I smiled, and he let go of my hand, then got out of the car. He went around to my seat and opened my door for me, and waited till I got out.

"Go on. I will bring in our stuff."

I nodded and went in, my arms stretching on their own. My neck felt a little stiff, and once I made my way into the house, I found a couch to rest and I just went on it.

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