Chapter 56 - Proposal

Ashley POV

“Babe, wake up”, I hear Killian whisper in my ear. I open my eyes slowly and see him smiling as he looks at me. The sun shining behind him, making him look like a blue eyed angel. I kiss his lips softly and his hands rest on my stomach. “How are you feeling?”, he asks as he kisses my stomach and I frown looking at him.

“Good”, I say and he smiles as his hand moves up and down my stomach.

“What are you doing?”, I ask and he kisses again as he whispers into my belly. I freak out and sit on the bed puling away from him and I see it, my pregnancy belly. Panic takes over and I open my eyes.

I am breathing fast and heavily as Killian turns around to face me. “Was just a bad dream baby”, he whispers in the dark and I smile. We have arrived in Ireland yesterday and we have been for dinner with his “family” and today we are on our own. I can’t wait to go out exploring with Killian.

“What were you dreaming about?”, Killian asks as we sit at the kitchen table after getting ready as
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