Chapter 58 - The End

Theo POV

I can't believe that my best mate is getting married today. I am his best man with Elliot, and I can say that we never saw this day coming. I remember the day that he introduced me to Ashley, and I thought he was joking. She is nothing like the type of woman he used to go for, He used to date the model type and not really date. He would have occasional sex with them, and that would be it.

"Mate, I hope she makes you happy", Elliot says and Kill looks at him and nods his head. He is the quietest of the three of us, always deep in thought while I have verbal diarrhoea.

"Shall we go for a fag?" I ask, standing up and patting my pockets to find my fags. The other two stand up, following me.

"I need to tell Ashley", Killian says, and Elliot moves his phone that makes a whip sound, and I can't help but laugh out loud. That is the funniest shit ever. Elliot smiles as Kill flips us the bird. We walk towards the bathroom, and he knocks on the door.

"Babe, I'm going for a fag wit
Peyton Iuga

HEY everyone. This book has ended, BUT there will be two more. The next one will be Theo's story. Keep an eye on my social media for updates. The next book will be called REVENGED THE MAFIA. I will star writing it on Monday, so keep an eye out. Please leave a review when you finish reading this book.

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Ruth Ann
What can I say…”EXCELLENT “...️
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Kathy Breese
need more..
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Joan Cox
Oh God, seen something coming but nit that. Hope they survive. Great work loved the book, looking forward to the next ones
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