Christine sat on her knees, her night silk nightgown tickling her skin down to mid-thigh. The silk draped down her body, her nipples already hardened. A chill ran down her spine, as my hands traced the cover that hid her delectable body.

Her hands lifted the base of the gown, pulling it over her head, leaving her in a black, laced panties. “Goddess, you are beautiful,” I forced from my lips. Speaking to her was always difficult when she bared her body to me. She made me speechless, made my heart flutter lightly in my chest.

The room was still dark, despite it being late morning. The curtains moving with the air in the room, gently swaying on the carpet. My ears now turned to be in tune with the woman that was in front of me, because it was only she that mattered.

Christine’s hair, which she had meticulously put in a braid before we went to bed, laid over her shoulder, tickling my chest as she straddled over me. “So, do I get to taste a little of heaven?”

Kill. Me. Now.

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Chloe Gold
This isn’t the end guys, they renamed it open due to confusion
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Shaeara Elaine Ann
So is this really the end? Are you going to write about their adventures looking for the brother and sister? I’ll read it all!!!
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Kodie Taylor
so is this the end

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