Chapter 3

The person beside Niklaus started panicking and looking around. “Sir, someone might see!”

“Give me your coat,” Nik instructed and covered Lily with it. “Take her to the car. I will follow you in a few minutes.”

After ten minutes, Nik got into the car and sat beside the drunk sleeping lady.

“Teddy, you came back. I missed you.” Lily put one of her legs on Niklaus’ lap and hugged him.

Nik’s assistant looked at his boss through the front mirror and tried hard to control his laugh.

“Miss Lily, in which angle do I look like a soft toy?”

“Ah!!!” She moved further closer to him. “You are an advanced teddy, which can talk and walk. See you can also blink your eyes and have long eyelashes.” Lily muttered and moved her index finger on his eyelashes.

Nik sighed to understand how drunk she was. “Kia, Go to Mr. Meyers’s house!”

“No! No! No!” Lily started beating Nik and began yelling aloud. “I don’t want to go home.” She sobbed.

“God!” Nik dropped his shoulders. “Miss Lily, your house is the safest place for you. It’s dangerous outside.”

“My home is the most dangerous place. My father used me to expand his business. My sister slept with my fiance and my mother didn’t support me.”

Niklaus' heart sank to see tears flowing down from her honey-colored round lovely innocent eyes. “So, where do you want to go?”

Lily gulped and looked at Niklaus with a frown. “Where are you going?”

“Home, obviously.”

“Take me too, teddy.” Lily put her other leg on him too.

Niklaus stopped his breath to see Lily that close and unknowingly, he wanted to kiss her sweet lips. The last kiss’s sweetness was still lingering on his lips and that closeness made him restless.

“Fine! Fine! I will!” He exhaled and instantly agreed.

As he was suffering, Lily climbed and sat on his lap and slept on his shoulder like it was her comfy pillow. The warm air from her lips hit her naked neck making it impossible to control. He understood for the first time in his life, the meaning of the phrase, ‘Butterflies in the stomach.’

“Teddies are the best. They are warm and safe. Having a teddy, which can talk, walk and breathe is the best. You are the best!!” Lily adjusted herself, hugged him tighter and gave him a long kiss on his cheek. Nik sat like a statue, holding his breath as much as possible. His body was so itchy but taking advantage of a drunk, innocent, and cute girl wasn’t his style and was against his principles.

“Sir, we will reach Mr. Meyers’ house in 10 minutes.” Kai brought Nik to the world and Lily began shrugging and shaking her head with her cute face on.

“Go to the Hotel,” Nik said and the next second Lily landed her lips on his. The word ‘sweet’ for her lips felt unrated. It was honey and something that could be even sweeter and more delicious. Her soft cotton bottom lip made him feel as if he was holding the purest, softest and smoothest cotton ball. Her cool fingers moving on his neck gave a shiver down his spine.

His hand wanted to hold her, but his principles stopped him. After five minutes, which felt like five seconds, Lily left his lips. “He kissed my sister like this.” She whispered in Niklaus’ ears.

Nik’s teeth kissed and his fist tightened. No longer, she appeared cute, innocent, and tempting. “Bitch!” he breathed out. “How much more time is it going to take? Hit the accelerator, dude!” The frustration and anger that he never felt arose in him because of a little girl.

“Will be there in two minutes!” Kia trembled. It was the first time that Mr. Cooper shouted at him. ‘Weren’t they deeply kissing as if no tomorrow, a second ago?’ He scratched his head and pressed the accelerator. “Sir, we are here!”

“She is your wife and you got married today. Tell her that she is a little drunk. Remember to book the room in your name. Throw her in the room and come as fast as possible.” Kai listened with all confusion and questions running through his brain. Before he could digest the orders and nod, Niklaus yelled, “Fast! Remove her from me.”

Kai undid his seat belt, jumped out and opened the door, to see how tight Lily was hugging. “Miss Lily, we are here!” he murmured. “Miss Lily” he raised his voice, noticing no response from her.

“Mr. Kai Stewart, what you are doing?’ Nik interrupted Kai’s unsuccessful attempts.

Kai blinked his lips with a question mark question.

“Do you think that she would wake up that way? Lift her up. I am not going to touch her!”

‘Didn’t you just kiss her?’ Kai huffed to himself and tried to remove Lily’s hands around Mr. Cooper’s neck. But the harder he tried, the harder Lily’s fingers caught Nik’s suit.

“Huhh! I will take her myself” Niklaus groaned, seeing his useless assistant fail to pull a little girl.

“But sir?” Kai began but stopped to see Nik remove his suit and undo his tie. As he was looking, Niklaus untuck his shirt, ran his fingers through his nicely set hair and put on an ugly pair of glasses. He then carefully brought himself and the drunk lady out of the car. He gave a glare at Kai and walked to the entrance.

The middle-aged receptionist’s mind turned blank to see the beautiful bride with an unnecessarily tall ugly guy. “How...How may I help you?” She panicked and thought that the young girls lost taste in men.

“We got married today. She is a little drunk. Are there any rooms available?”

“Yes, there are. But I don’t think you could....” Before she uttered, ‘afford,’ Nik slummed a Platinum American Express card. “Since, you have just married. A suite with beautiful scenery and a complimentary wine bottle would be the best option. Just a second, I will start the process. May I have your identification card.”

“Sure!” Nik smiled and pulled out a card from the multiple fake cards.

“Mr. Belford, kindly take your identity card before leaving. I have swiped $20,000 from your card and here it is.”

“Thank You!” Nik forced a smile and dragged Lily behind the staff guiding them.

“Here is your room,” The guy said and opened the door. “Have a wonderful night!” He bowed and gave a sneaky smile.

“Bed!” Lily sang with glowing eyes. She then pulled Niklaus and jumped on the bed. “Teddy, Sleep here! The bed is extremely comfortable.” She smiled with her beautiful eyes and patted the bed next to her.

“Miss, I should go, and it isn’t appropriate for me to sleep beside you.” Nik would have at least slept for a few minutes and left after Lily went to sleep. But knowing that she wanted to be with him for revenge, agitated him.

“Teddy, I will bite you if you leave,” Lily sat at once and scowled at him.

“Whatever!” Nik smiled at that comment, turned around and started walking away.

“Am I not beautiful?” Lily sobbed.

Nik paused and looked around to see Lily standing on the bed semi naked.

“What the f*ck?” He ran to her and covered her. Her face looked disheartened and sad. Somehow, Nik felt loneliness and a need for support and care in her eyes. Her loud and racing heart made him wonder if she wanted something more than that.

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