Chapter 91

It has been twenty-four hours, but Thompson still hasn't gained consciousness. Though Interpol had done the first aid and dropped everyone at the hospital, Thompson had already lost a lot of blood as it took time to get out of the forest and reach the hospital. But luckily the hospital had the blood group available.

After the operation, Thompson was shifted to another room. The doctor said that it would take more time than expected as the body was still in stock.

None of them wanted to look at Drake but Nik asked him to stay because he thought that Thompson would look for the person he saved. While Nik, Kia, Lily and Hannah were sitting on the sofa in the room, Drake stood beside the window.

"What are you planning now?" Nik hissed to see Drake lost in thought and staring outside the window.

Drake silently nodded. "I am thinking about why your father saved me. I always brought pain to you."

That was a doubt everyone had in mind, especially Nik. He didn't understand why his fathe
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goodnovel comment avatar
honestly.... who is now older? no wonder he knew Drake's mum
goodnovel comment avatar
Pamela Oliver
I think he has just told on himself that he is Drake's father he wants to be mad at Lily because he was a cheater wonder all Nik mama is gonna feel and Drake also

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